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Aaron Blaise supervisor Animators adult: The Circle of Life begins anew with a fresh, satiric retelling of the original film’s story, from the comic perspective of the meerkat Timon and the warthog Pumbaa. Video Clips Video files of memorable scenes, and many more interesting movie files. He wants to be useful, and he wants to be wanted; and what else, aside from his strength, can he offer a friend? In Scar’s youth, the trio struck a pact with the younger lion prince to bring him into their clan, initially to circumvent and undermine the king’s restrictions on their hunting for sport, but eventually perhaps because they saw as much opportunity in a partnership with Scar as he did in them. Daniel Hofstedt Danny Wawrzaszek. Meerkat Timon is a hyperactive meerkat with a motor mouth.

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It was the Hyenas who lride the mobitor Scar’s first stirrings of malevolent trickery against his brother Mufasaand his disinterest with the affairs of ruling aside from the appeal of its raw power led him to spend his time growing up among the Hyenas and their destructive schemes.

A tribute to the grandeur of the original as much as it is a satire, this direct-to-video production from Walt Disney TV Animation Australia appeals to wistful nostalgia as much as to our funny bones. James Baxter supervisor Nobody knows where the old mandrill Rafiki came from, but his quests in search of the secrets bound up in the land and its plants and animals drew him to the Pride Lands in the days of Ahadi, as told in A Tale of Two Brothers. Warthog A well-padded warthog, Pumbaa is a bit clumsy and dimwitted, but his empathy and intuition make up for his slow thought processes.

Simba’s Pride The long-awaited sequel. Lion Every bit as rambunctious as Simba, Nala is ready to go wherever he goes or do whatever he does. He wants to be useful, and he wants to be wanted; and what else, aside from his strength, can he offer a friend? Anthony DeRosa supervisor Bob Bryan Gilda Palinginis Nala’s mother is Sarafinaone of the pride’s lionesses and a friend of Sarabi ; the question of who her father is remains one of the mysteries of The Lion King universe though directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers have personally, though reluctantly, acknowledged that it must be either Scar lads Mufasa.


His loyalty to the needs of his friend Simba eventually overpowers Timon into following Pumbaa’s honorable example. Ellen Woodbury supervisor Randy Cartwright Barry Temple Yhe Swofford Zazu is the steward and majordomo to the King of Pride Rock, as his family has been since the time of Ahadi, when as is told in A Tale of Two Brothers Zazu’s mother Zuzu was recommended by Rafiki to the king’s service as a lookout and carrier of messages keeping the king informed of happenings within his lands.

Ever defiant to the usurping king, she retains Mufasa’s knowledge of the balance of the Circle of Life and tries in vain to make Scar understand the damage he’s causing to the Pride Lands; but her advice is unwanted and unheeded by the vindictive usurper.

Character Profiles

Jonathan Taylor Thomas cub Matthew Broderick adult. Niketa Calame cub Moira Kelly adult Animators cub: Michael Surrey supervisor Brian Ferguson James Lopez Mike Show Once a member of a large and thriving colony of meerkats far from Pride Rock, Timon was never in his element digging and guarding the holes as a unit with his fellow meerkats. Lion Regal, commanding and majestic, Mufasa is a great king with a kind, generous heart.

Scar eventually comes to see Nala as a prize, a Queen to his own throne a subplot that is more fully explored in the Broadway Musical than in the movie ; but she spurns him and chooses instead, in desperation, to leave Pride Rock and search for help from outside. Niketa Calame cub Moira Kelly adult. The last thing she expects, though, is to find Simba alive again. Although Zazu’s feathers can be easily ruffled, he is dedicated to Mufasa.

Under the kingship of MufasaZazu’s position is one that fills him with pride and courtly manners. Spotted Hyenas Always on the lookout for their next meal or an innocent victim to taunt, tease or terrorize, Banzai, the male hyena, and Shenzi, the female, talk and joke while Ed, the third troublemaker, only laughs.

Blamed for his father’s death in a disastrous wildebeest stampede engineered by Scar and the Hyenasand exiled to the jungle far from Pride Rock, Simba is befriended by Timon and Pumbaathe unlikely pair of outcasts living the easy life in the land of crystal waterfalls and tasty bugs.

The death of Mufasa all but snuffs out the joy of life from Sarabi, and under the leadership of Scar and the occupying Hyenasher stolid duty is only to the pride and what remains of the fertile land. One too many incidents in which his daydreaming and misplaced ingenuity brought real danger down upon the colony caused his Uncle Max to kick him out from the clan. He took the name Scar at the urging of his father to remind himself of the price of pride. Pumbaa’s steadfastness makes him the partner anyone would wish to have when the time comes for Simbawho had been raised by Timon and himself in the luxurious ease of the jungle, to return home to Pride Rock and challenge his usurping uncle Scar.


After a chance meeting with the mystic mandrill Rafikiwho taught him the feel-good philosophy of hakuna matataTimon met an unlikely partner in the blundering warthog Pumbaawith whom he sought for the perfect responsibility-free home. Working to his disadvantage as well as defining his character is Simba’s mischievous, adventuresome spirit, which he indulges at every chance with his friend Nalaoften getting into trouble from which the King’s majordomo Zazu is charged with rescuing him.

Daniel Hofstedt Danny Wawrzaszek. However, this lesson is lost on him in later years, once Mufasa becomes king; Scar, ever the more conniving and subtle thinker of the two brothers though by far the less concerned with the well-being and good governance of the Pride Landsincreasingly becomes convinced that the throne of Pride Rock is his by right.

He returns again to guide Simba back to the path he was meant to follow.

The Lion King WWW Archive: Character Profiles

He’d be perfectly happy to live there forever, if not for a chance meeting with Nala that calls him back home to face his destiny. He is a special guest at the presentation ceremony of the newborn Simbawhom he blesses and shows to the whole assembled population of the Pride Lands; after this, he monitors the young duual growth and progress with his own mystical arts and the signs he reads in the paintings he makes on the side of his tree.

Video Clips Video files of memorable scenes, and many more interesting movie files. The Lion King 2: Of course, he’s also responsible for raising his son Simba to be a wise king like himself—a responsibility that Simba may not yet be ready for.

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